About ALC

The Australian Logistics Council represents the major Australian logistics supply chain customers, providers, infrastructure owners and suppliers. Our members span the entire supply chain, incorporating road, rail, sea, air, sea ports and intermodal ports.

ALC works with all levels of government to ensure it considers the needs of the logistics industry in its investment and policy decisions. ALC focuses its advocacy efforts on five key areas with the aim of improving supply chain efficiency:

  • Supply Chain Logistics Safety
  • Infrastructure and regulation
  • Technology

ALC’s focus on these five key issues recognises the importance of efficient supply chains to Australia’s economic and social prosperity.  High performing supply chains, underpinned by consistent regulation, appropriate national infrastructure and seamless information transfer across the freight logistics industry, enable the smooth flow of goods from production to consumption.  They are critical to supporting future economic growth, encouraging investment, building more sustainable communities and preparing Australia for future global, national and regional challenges.

More efficient supply chains will

  • Generate economic growth
  • Improve the flow of goods from production to consumption
  • Reduce transport costs, resulting in cheaper goods
  • Improve amenity by reducing urban congestion


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