Electric Vehicles Working Group

ALC has formed an Electric Vehicles Working Group to consider the full impact that this rapidly-evolving transport solution will have on the movement of freight in the years ahead.

This Working Group will undertake to:

  • collaborate with government and industry to promote the financial, social and environmental benefits of electric trucks.
  • work with government to increase the production of electric trucks.
  • establish targets for the industry in areas such as emissions reduction and the numbers of electric vehicles in fleets.
  • position the logistics industry as a leading sector in the drive for enhanced environmental outcomes by demonstrating positive correlations between reduced environmental impacts, operational efficiency and business profitability.
  • engage with governments to explore ways to incentivise electric vehicle use and simplify registration requirements for electric vehicles.
  • use positive outcomes in these areas as ‘case studies’ to encourage further action, thereby enhancing the industry’s social licence and profile as a positive career option for emerging workforce participants.
  • develop policy recommendations for the ALC Board; and
  • disseminate information to the ALC membership and wider logistics industry.

A press release announcing the formation of this working group can be found here.

If you are interested in joining the ALC Electric Vehicles Working Group, please contact admin@auslogistics.com.au or complete the form below.