Is your Business at Risk under Chain of Responsibility?

Is your Business at Risk under Chain of Responsibility?


StSCpg1linkWelcome to the second edition of Strengthening the Supply Chain; a newsletter from the Australian Logistics Council (ALC) which outlines a number of changes to Chain of Responsibility (CoR) legislation and how your business can meet its legal obligations.

As part of our commitment to supply chain safety and compliance, ALC seeks to raise awareness about organisations’ obligations under CoR legislation and how changes in the law may affect their operations and risk management policies.

If your business is part of a supply chain, then you have obligations (and are subject to legal enforcement) under CoR. Consistent with the national work health and safety legislation, you cannot contract out your CoR legal obligations to your logistics provider.

This is because CoR law impacts on all businesses across the supply chain, not just logistics organisations. If a business consigns, packs, loads or receives goods as part of their operations, it can be held legally liable for breaches of the law.

It is therefore essential that businesses who control or influence the movement of freight understand their CoR obligations.

Helping businesses understand and improve compliance with CoR legislation will be the focus of the upcoming
ALC Supply Chain Safety & Compliance Summit in Sydney on 26-27 August, 2015.