The Australian Logistics Council 2021-2026 Strategic Plan will deliver on ALC’s aim to implement a step change in the way in which it advocates on behalf of the freight logistics industry to improve supply chain efficiency. ALC will achieve this by adopting a more proactive approach to government advocacy and industry engagement.

ALC will be the leader in the national debate on critical issues affecting the Australian logistics supply chain industry. Membership of ALC will give the industry a ‘seat at the table’ in the major decisions affecting the Australian logistics supply chain industry.

ALC will work in collaboration with its members and other stakeholders to promote and encourage greater recognition by government and the community of the importance of the freight logistics industry’s contribution to Australia’s economy.

ALC will work with government at all levels to ensure it considers the needs of freight logistics in its investment and policy decisions in order to develop efficient national supply chains and to maximise their benefits to the national economy.

A safe, productive and efficient freight logistics industry is important to all Australians. It supports all other sectors of the economy including our retail, manufacturing, mining, energy, communications and construction sectors.

This Strategic Plan ensures that ALC will maintain and proactively build on its traditions of advocacy excellence and collaboration to ensure Australia has safe, secure, reliable, sustainable and internationally competitive supply chains.