ALC Calls For More COVID Testing Sites For Essential Freight Workers

Media Release – 14 July 2021

The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) has today urged the NSW Government to set up on-site COVID testing facilities at key freight terminals and on more arterial routes around the State.

The latest outbreak in Sydney demonstrates how rapidly a situation can evolve.

ALC members have implemented highly effective and successful COVIDSafe plans and are committed to the safety and wellbeing of their workers. 

The supply chain has been going above and beyond to minimise the risk of transmission and support the Australian community through the supply of essential goods and services.

ALC Interim Chief Executive Officer Rachel Smith said “ALC and its members are acutely aware of their commitments under the National Freight Protocol and are encouraging all freight workers to ensure they undertake frequent COVID testing in line with health advice or at a minimum every seven days, whichever is more frequent.

There are some freight specific testing centres throughout the State.

However, more are needed in other critical locations to ensure the movement of essential goods continues uninterrupted and those Australians that need it most can access the supplies they need.

The evolving situation demonstrates the speed at which infections can occur.

These centres could also be used to vaccinate essential freight workers, providing extra safety to these workers, the unsung heroes of the pandemic.

Australia cannot risk the shutdown of distribution centres or a reduction in heavy vehicle and train drivers and rail maintenance workers. Ensuring the continued flow of the nation’s food, medical, and essential goods supplies should be a priority.”