Heavy Vehicle Pricing and Investment Reform

Issue:   Work has been progressing for a number of years to reform road pricing and investment arrangements to create a more direct link between usage and investment. Work being undertaken by the Heavy Vehicle Charging and Investment Reform project team is aiming to ensure:

 –          vehicle road charges reflect the cost of road use and infrastructure required to improve access for heavy (high productivity) vehicles to meet the future freight task

–          revenue collected by governments in heavy vehicle charges flows back into improving road services and growing the road network

–          there is better coordination and consultation between the three levels of government in planning, investing and funding in the delivery of heavy vehicle road infrastructure and services

 A regulatory impact statement on this reform is expected to be released in the coming months.  This will be a major reform for all sectors of the logistics industry including those operating in regional areas and servicing the agribusiness sector.

 ALC position:  See ALC interim position on the HVCI reform.