Improved Planning at the State Level

Issue:  Freight and logistics is often ‘crowded out’ in capital cities, with inappropriate and incompatible development occurring too close to freight infrastructure and facilities which inhibits the freight effort and impedes efficiency.  Examples include inappropriate urban encroachment around major ports, intermodal facilities (where road meets rail) and rail freight lines. 

ALC Position:  ALC encourages all states to implement long term freight and logistics plans to ensure government decision making takes into account the needs of freight.  Primarily, this involves ensuring key freight routes are identified and preserved.   We also encourage state governments to avoid a ‘siloed’ approach to land use planning which can (and does) result in unfavourable decisions being made that impedes the logistics sector.  See ALC submission on the NSW Transport Masterplan and Queensland Freight Strategy.   All states are currently developing freight strategies – some have been released (Victoria) while others are in draft stage (NSW, Queensland).