Technology Committee

ALC’s Technology Committee is currently working on an intermodal visibility project to improve the efficiency of supply chains in the transport and logistics industry.

Intermodal visibility project


The seamless transfer of accurate information along the supply chain is just as critical as the physical and tangible infrastructure that supports Australia’s freight industry.

In the same way that traffic congestion and delays affect the transportation of goods, so too does inconsistent data between suppliers, retailers, distributors and transport providers.

From the moment a shipment leaves its origin, to the time it arrives at its final destination, it may travel to multiple locations and pass through a number of transport service providers, all with varying systems and processes. In turn, these differences often result in time delays, increased costs and wasted resources.

Latest News

Fact sheet:  Why visibility across the supply chain matters

Fact sheet:  Visibility across an intermodal supply chain – Industry Pilot

Australian Freight Industry Awards140352-87

For their work on the intermodal visibility project, ALC  and GS1 Australia were announced as winners of the Technology Category in the Australian Freight Industry Awards, hosted by the Victorian Transport Association (VTA), on 6 September 2015 at the Palladium Ballroom, Crown Melbourne.

The Technology Award category recognises the individual, group or organisation that has applied innovative technological systems to enhance productivity or solve a problem resulting in a positive outcome.

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To obtain further information, contact

David McNeil – ALC Supply Chain Standards work group chair (eCommerce Manager, Onesteel) or Bonnie Ryan – Industry Manager, Trade & Transport (GS1 Australia)