The Registered Industry Code of Practice (RICP), known as the Master Code, was developed by Safe Trucking and Supply Chains Limited, and is a jointly owned company of the Australian Logistics Council (ALC) and Australian Trucking Association (ATA).

The Master Code was developed in accordance with the Guidelines for industry codes of practice under section 705 of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) and assessed as qualifying for registration by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) under section 706 of the HVNL.

The content of the Master Code was informed by extensive consultation with industry through various public forums involving a wide range of industry participants.

This Master Code applies to all parties in the supply chain of a heavy vehicle, known as the Chain of Responsibility (CoR).

It provides practical guidance on how to manage risks associated with their transport activities, including the four core areas under the HVNL:

  • Speed compliance
  • Fatigue Management
  • Mass, dimension and loading
  • Vehicle standards

The Master Code was endorsed by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator for registration on 23 November 2018, and was made publicly available on 29 November 2018.

ALC Master Code Auditing Service (AMCAS)

The ALC Master Code Auditing Service (AMCAS) is a subscriber-based service that the ALC offers to its members and their supply chain partners.

AMCAS helps parties in the chain of responsibility audit their compliance with the Master Code for heavy vehicle safety. It is not limited to transport operators. AMCAS is specifically designed to assist others in the supply chain – including retailers, producers, suppliers, distribution centres and logistics businesses – monitor and verify the safety of their transport activities.

AMCAS subscribers are able to access the AMCAS auditing system developed by the ALC to capture transport-related risks within an organisation’s broader safety management system. AMCAS connects subscribers with an appropriately qualified auditor who can;

audit safety management systems against the Master Code; and identify any corrective actions that must be taken in order for subscribers to comply with the Master Code.

Upon successful completion of an AMCAS audit, a certificate is issued to the AMCAS subscriber confirming the results of their audit.

Further Information

Further information is available in the AMCAS Audit Framework. If you have any further questions regarding the Master Code or AMCAS, please contact: