Freight Matters

Freight Efficiency Matters to everyone as we all rely on the efficient and safe movement of goods every day.

All Australians – including families, businesses and employees of the freight logistics industry – have an interest in improving supply chain efficiency. Not only is good for our economy, it will also lead to cheaper goods and reduced congestion.

Freight Efficiency Matters to families, who rely on Australia’s freight logistics industry to ensure the goods they need, are transported efficiently and safely to their supermarket’s shelves.

Every minute of every day, millions of goods are being transported around Australia by road, rail, sea and air to stores right around the country, delivering the fresh food we eat, the clothes we wear and the home appliances we use every day.

The more efficient movement of freight will help to keep the cost of these and other goods down.

Freight Efficiency Matters to businesses, which require efficient and reliable supply chains to connect them with their customers or international suppliers.

Whether it be across the city, around Australia or throughout the world, the movement of freight is critical to businesses both big and small to ensure the smooth flow of goods from production to consumption.

More efficient supply chains will help business get goods to you quicker, safer and more cheaply.

Freight Efficiency Matters to the broader Australian economy, which requires an effective freight transport and logistics sector to drive other sectors of the economy, including our mining, manufacturing and retail sectors.

ALC estimates the freight logistics industry employs around 1.2 million people.

More efficient supply chains will underpin the creation of more local job opportunities.

Freight Efficiency Matters in our cities, where many of our major production facilities are located as well as most of our major airports, ports and intermodal terminals.

These facilities generate jobs, investment and significant freight movements which means the needs of freight need to be at the heart of all long term planning and decisions.

Taking into account the needs of freight will mean less congestion, safer roads and a healthier environment.